ella media GmbH

Relevant content
at the push of a button

as a Service

Industry-specific and customer-oriented entertainment formats and content marketing campaigns.

Text Generation
as a Service

Software as a Service as a plugin for online shops and content management systems.

Short stories
& audio books

AI generated content based on big data analytics designed to match consumer tastes.

Content as a Service

Industry-specific and customer-centric entertainment, content marketing and e-commerce content. E.g. for large web portals, customer apps or websites, theme worlds and social media channels.

  • optimized, relevant and trend based content
  • for all B2B touchpoints in the right formats
  • Access to the CaaS cockpit for content analysis and control
  • Provision of content according to relevance and context e.g. via API
  • International, regionalised and personalised

Text Generation as a Service

Software as a Service as an add-on for the operators of online shops, eCommerce software or content management software

  • AI-based text generation for faster editorial work
  • Full integration into the own software landscape
  • 8 Languages
  • Audio function

Kurzgeschichten & Hörbücher

Digital entertainment products for the end customer, globally aligned to the interests of the customers. 

  • personalised and individualised series content
  • Provision of the stories in real time via AI
  • automated creation of audio books
  • Text and audio in 8 languages
  • digital, multimedia and interactive formats