ella media GmbH

AI Startup from cologne

We’re ella. A startup from Cologne. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and the fascination of innovative future topics, we have been working since the beginning of 2018 in a growing team on the entertainment of the future: artificial intelligence that can tell stories and entertain people with exactly the content they like and accompany them through everyday life. 

This year, our core team laid the foundation for our growth strategy from January 2020. We know the challenge, believe in what we are doing and, as experts, bring the necessary building blocks to go down this path!

25 employees

300 qm Office

founded 2018 

Location Cologne

Computers can't make us cry. But they can tell us when we do it. We develop relevant content for the optimal time on the right touchpoint in the desired format.

Michael Keusgen, Founder

Michael Keusgen is founder and managing director of Ella Media GmbH. Previously, he was responsible for several years of media projects, mainly international media projects (productions, strategy, innovation). After graduating from high school and training as a TV producer, he studied Chinese and geography at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. In addition to many TV productions (awarded, among others, the Bavarian Television Prize), he has produced successful and sometimes very innovative productions for almost all German broadcasters. In addition to stations at the BBC, Eurovision and Bundesliga, he founded AZ Media. Since then Michael has been active as an entrepreneur in various fields.


We bring two things together: AI technology and digital business model. This enables us to produce and market individualized, personalized and automated content digitally.

Daniel T. Hoffmann, Founder

Daniel T. Hoffmann is the founder of Ella Media GmbH. Daniel studied design and founded his first internet startup during his studies. After this time, he worked as an IT consultant for CGI, among others, and looked after clients such as Vodafone, Telefonica and Deutsche Bank on the subject of digital brand management and eCommerce. Later he combined his professional experience in IT with the marketing focus of his studies and switched to the agency industry. He became a member of the management board of an agency group and, as managing director, headed the subsidiary specialising in digital services. Since 2013 Daniel has been a management consultant focusing on digital transformation consulting for marketing, sales and disruptive business models.


Partner in development and quality assurance